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great video. But the postmaster at the end missed one point - the PO positively knew Horizon had problems (at least features it couldn't understand).

My article (mostly about prosecutorial misconduct, now at

https://jeremydaw.github.io/pages/legal/pcj-writeup.html) finishes by saying

Postscript: Fujitsu

The following post has just appeared https://www.postofficescandal.uk/post/treasury-announces-compensation-for-555-civil-litigants.

Briefly, the Government intends to go after Fujitsu to "tackle compensation". Just to make it clear, none of the misconduct recounted above, or its consequences, can be blamed on Fujitsu. Nor can the fact that the Post Office continued to pursue subpostmasters when it was clear something was wrong, as when

multiple subpostmasters reported the same problem

when its own trainers or managers reported problems they couldn't understand

discrepancies doubling when subpostmasters followed helpline instructions

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